Aquatic Environment Ventures

Introduces the water world by conducting courses based on water activities which are open to all who qualify entrance conditions. Placid as well as wild water of mountain rivers are the medium of instruction. Skills and techniques required for safe Watermanship are emphasized.

Adventure with water as the main element. River and lake environment is utilized to impart basic skills of watermanship. Canoes, Kayaks and Rafts are used. Instructions include rowing and paddling, boat and sail navigation. Safety and life saving procedures are taught. Participants must know basic swimming. Open to Children of 11-14 years.

Base : Khanpur Camp
Duration : 03 Days

River Running
Advanced techniques of boatmanship using Kayaks, Canoes, Rafts and introduction to white-water river exploration. Includes planning river expeditions, rescue procedures and safety drills. Open to youth 16 year and above.

Base : OPTC, Mangal
Duration : 03 Days

Life Guard (Local)
Designed to the syllabus of instruction for lifeguards laid down by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) to which the Foundation is affiliated and represents it in Pakistan. Open to all aged 18 years and above. Must be a good swimmer.

Base : Islamabad
Duration : Extended Period


“A great experience, because for people afraid of water to
overcome that fear made a lasting impression on me. It
was like a dream come true. Living in tents and food that was as good as made by my mom. The homelike atmosphere made the watermanship experience very

Alya Ameen Khan (aged 12)
City School Kasur



Presidents Message
Dear Venturers,

We enter the thirty first year of our Endeavour in the field of Outdoor Education with pride of accomplishment. Although acknowledgement at the national level is as yet unattained, general awareness is much in evidence. Action oriented outdoor experience has assisted in raising awareness of the younger generation to the vital place of the natural environment in our lives. Through the young people, this will certainly pass on to the older generation in contact with them. Better to understand so much that is talked about climate change and human generated degradation of the environment in which we live.

The foundation is dedicated to provide safe opportunities to discover and equip themselves with hands-on-experience of outdoor living and serve as true friends of the Earth. As they grow they will take on the responsibilities of protecting and preserving Mother Nature and her wonderful web of life that surrounds us all.

We in the foundation will continue to serve our venturers who will lead us eventually towards a better future for themselves and the next generation to come. Have the life moulding adventure that you deserve and may the new year serve you with gladness.

January 2011.
Brig. Muhammad Akram (R)
Adventure Foundation Pakistan

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The Adventure Foundation is an independent organization formed to foster the principles of Outward Bound concepts within traditional national educational and recreational programmes. It does this by the promotion of various forms of outdoor activities and thrill sports. The Foundation offers all kinds of people an opportunity to do things and travel the paths of adventure in the great outdoors. Close contact with nature builds up self-confidence through experience
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